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ePub DRM Removal for Mac

ePUB DRM Removal for Mac is a powerful software to remove drm protections from adobe digital editions. Just remove ePUB DRM header, no changes to the books.


If you have purchased DRM-protected epub eBook, then you have probably discovered how annoyingly restrictive DRM technology is. You can try our software that removes epub DRM easily and produces DRM-free ePub ebook that you can enjoy on practically any capable e-reader

ePUB DRM Removal for Mac can assist you helps you read ePub on iPad, iPhone, iTouch, Sony Reader, Android, Nook etc. Welcome to download this ePUB DRM Removal for Mac and you will be delighted.

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How to Remove ePub DRM for Mac ?


Authorize your copy of Adobe Digital Editions, in order to make sure you can read epub books on ADE. Install Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) and authorize your copy. Download ADE. The download page required Adobe Flash Player


Install free trial version of ePub DRM Remvoal for Mac.


Run ePUB DRM Removal:

Input files.
Click on the "Select eBook " button to choose your EPUB ebook. You'll find it in "../Documents/Digital Editions".


Click "Decrypt ePUB ", then break epub drm. Open your newly created DRM-free EPUB files with your favorite application (on whatever device you like)

Note: Not all epub protection methods is Adobe Adept, if your ePUB books are transfered from Nook (or download from Nook4PC), the books DRM protection is Nook DRM, then you need Nook DRM Removal to remove the DRM protection.


Key Features of ePUB DRM Removal for Mac


One-click converter.

No quality lost, just remove drm protection, the same quality as source epub files.

Create a decrypted ePub file,No change to source files, no need to backup the source files.

Remove ebook DRM.