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nook dRM removal for mac

Have you ever want to read Nook eBooks on Mac or other eBook readers, like Sony Reader, iPad, etc? Have you ever want to edit or print Nook eBook without limitation and restriction? As far as we know, this Nook DRM Removal for Mac is especially designed for you which can remove DRM protection from American Barnes & Noble Nook eBooks.


As known to all, Barnes & Noble store provide wonderful Nook eBooks for all book lovers. Nook DRM Removal for Mac is the best program for removing DRM protection from Nook books. You can read the decrypted books any where as you want. Nook DRM Removal for Mac provides you with the easiest way to strip Nook DRM protection. The output quality is excellent. Welcome to download this free trial version and enjoy it.

Support OS: Mac os x, Lion




How to remove DRM from Nook on Mac?


Download Nook DRM Removal for Mac. Click Refresh on top menu to load all you book items. Then download the books to your disk.


Your download zip file will contain a NookKeyGen file to generate your Nook key file. Please input your Name and Credit Card, then Generate bnepubkey b64 file. Note, program do not record you information, just generate keyfile.


If you happen to ignore the Name and Credit Care information, it will pop up a new dialogue box to remind you.


Run this Nook DRM Removal for Mac to decrypt your Nook books.

Click "Browse" to find your nook books want to be decrypted. The default path is ../Documents/My Barnes&Noble eBooks/. Find a nook epub books, then click "Decrypt".